Scrcpy control your Android android device from PC

Scrcpy this application has the ability to control any android device. The program does not require root, the only thing you need is inclusive developer options and selecting adb debugging on your device. Thanks to this program, we can not only control the device as if we had it physically in hand, but also, copy files, install apk or record an image directly on a pc.

Instructions for compilation, functions etc. here—>

or you can download it from Ubuntu snap store.

Scrcpy use cases can be many, I personally use it with an android studio when I want to test the application on a physical device, without the need to constantly pick up the phone :). On the weaker pc can also be used as a replacement for the emulator which translates to unburdening pc resources. Scrappy also came in handy when I was playing a little bit of android things on rasspberry p and where I’ve got damaged hdmi input.

The program works quickly enough in the terminal to enter:

adb connect /device ip  + port

poczym ukaże nam się obraz z urządzenia 🙂

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